Recovery Hike

Lake Morena (Mile 20) to Cibbets Flat (Mile 33)
(13 miles, +2,300/-900 feet).

For this stretch, I met up with my friends Skyler and Miri early on Day 2 of their (intended) thru-hike of Section A.  They had come all the way from Switzerland to enjoy the beauty of the PCT.

Pre-dawn rendezvous

The first few miles were similar to the terrain between Campo and Lake Morena, but my tender knee (still recovering from the patellofemoral pain syndrome I developed on my last PCT hike) felt every downhill and I worried that I would not be able to make it.

Hey, this is kind of cool

The middle 5 miles of the hike were kind of boring (and with obnoxious “No Trespassing” signs right next to the trail) but as soon as we started gaining elevation north of Interstate 8, it was beautiful (and windy!).

The sun comes up
Snack time!
Miri checks out an agave
Parting ways with Skyler and Miri

I parted ways with Skyler and Miri at mile 33 and walked back to Cibbets Flat, where I had left a bike to get back to my car at Lake Morena.  The first five miles of the ride were fast and fun downhill on the bike, but after that I had to pedal against the wind for a bit.  Fortunately, I had the wind at my back the rest of the way after that!

Hey, this is faster than hiking!

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