Bierstadt Lake

Bear Lake to Hollowell Park
(5 miles, +400/-1,500 feet).

Today we were looking for a downhill hike, and thanks the the shuttle system in Rocky Mountain National Park, we got just what we were looking for.  Starting at Bear Lake, we hiked a teensy bit of uphill to get over a ridge and then cruised down to Bierstadt Lake.

Bear Lake
Bierstadt Lake

Notice the duck in the lower right — this little guy was more aggressive than any pigeon or chipmunk or rat I have ever encountered.  In spite of kicking dirt at him and chasing him away several times, he kept coming back hoping for some food.

Tenacious D

After the lake we passed by some backcountry campsites in the woods that looked nice.

Stream crossing

And after crossing Mill Creek, the trail got very dry and sunny.  We hoped to see some wildlife, but they were probably napping in the shade somewhere….

No wildlife here
Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak

When we got to the Hollowell Park trailhead we found trail magic!

Second best word after beer….
Basking in magic

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